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General recommendations in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • The UAE Federal Law prohibits the consumption of alcohol in the car. 

  • Protect the environment.

  • Avoid taking pictures of the military, police officers, government buildings, petroleum installations and local ladies. 

  • During the Ramadan, it is not allowed to eat or drink in the public. 

  • Respect local customs and religious objects.

For Desert trips Only:

Safety Tips while you are in the Desert

  • Stay clear of approaching vehicles when disembarking/embarking. 

  • Please do not touch any vegetation without consulting your guide.

  • Should the vehicle get stuck and you are asked by your guide to disembark, please take clear of the vehicle until the guide instructs all to board the vehicle again.

  • During the trip, stay in vicinity of the cars and the guide. 

  • While at our campsite you should remain within its vicinity.

  • When riding camels at the campsite, hold on to the saddle bars throughout and follow the guide`s instructions. 

  • Drink enough water and wear protection against sun (suncream, hat, sunglasses). Water is always available in the car.  

  • Unless you are an extremely experienced desert guide yourself, never go alone in one car,

  • If you get stuck with your car, first of all, do not panic and try to think clearly. One additional car with driver is required to pull you out of the sand. 

  • As the sand here is very soft, we recommend to keep 12 psi of air in all tires,

  • Take food and plenty of water with you,

  • Take your sunglasses and protective sun cream. Strong light can damage your eyes.

  • Fill enough fuel and take extra fuel in jerry cans,

  • Equip yourself in accordance with the activities that you intend to perform, 

  • Take a tent and blanket, in case that you get stuck and need to spend the night in the desert,

  • Keep all emergency numbers and GPS device,

  • Avoid walking barefoot, 

  • If you lose the mobile signal, climb the top of a dune, it could improve it. Satellite phone is recommended,

  • Do not extend your staying in the desert longer than you have planned.