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Empty Quarter Desert (Rub' Al Khali) ... a Hypnotic place ...

Once seen, it will remain in your memory forever.

Miles away from civilization, the heart of the desert, deep in the ocean of the eternal sand dunes, offers peace and perfect silence disturbed only by the winds that constantly reshape the curves.

Continental and marine sands turn to reddish-orange from dark yellow at dusk, and after majestic sunset you rest under endless starry sky.

It is almost hard to believe that today's empty riverbeds and lakes once offered home to water dependant beasts including hippopotamus, water buffalo and long-horned cattle. The long-ago presence of several animal species is attested by finds of their fossilized bones and teeth.

Nowadays, the modern archaeologists continue excavations around the region which is believed to be a cradle of mysterious Arabic civilizations that disappeared under the cataclysmic conditions thousands of years ago.

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